Perhaps you’ve read about some of the wedding DJ nightmares other people have experienced and you’re afraid of the same thing happening to you. Apply these tips to your DJ search and spend your reception the way it should be spent: dancing the night away with the people who mean the most to you.

Review sites can be bought

You need to know that certain wedding review sites have been paid by some vendors to get rid of bad reviews. That means the reviews you’re reading don’t tell the whole story, which means your research may have been in vain. Your best bet is to get recommendations from friends in the area. Even if your friends haven’t gotten married recently, chances are that they’ve been to weddings and would be willing to get you in contact with a high quality San Antonio DJ. Your wedding planner/coordinator probably has people they refer to as well.

The moral of the story is to get reviews from people you know instead of relying on what you read online.

A verbal agreement is not a contract

Just because you talked to a nice person on the phone and they said they would show up at the appointed time on the appointed day doesn’t mean any of that will actually happen. Get everything in writing. While many reputable DJs require a deposit up front, very few work only based on a verbal agreement. Double-check the contract to make sure the dates and times are correct. Read the fine print so you know what to expect. And by all means, keep a copy of the document for your records.

Not all wedding DJs are created equal

Some individuals think becoming a wedding DJ as a side business is a good way to earn some extra income. The problem with going with a “DJ as a hobby” person is that they could easily decide to quit their hobby before your wedding. There are far too many stories of engaged couples losing their deposits to DJs who went out of business or left town without a trace. Choose a DJ company that has been around long enough to prove its reliability, to have a track record of not leaving brides and grooms stranded on the dance floor without any music.

What happens in case of fire?

Okay, so there probably won’t be a fire, but any number of things could happen that would require a DJ to have a backup plan. Does your DJ have one? For example, what happens if the DJ you hire has a family emergency, has car trouble, or is bedridden on the day of your wedding? When you hire an entertainment company instead of an individual, there is more likely to be a fall-back plan. In our case, there is an on-call person for every event. That person is available in case of equipment malfunction and in case of a DJ who is unable to attend. Our stress will not cause you stress because we have a contingency plan already in place.