Karaoke party

Singing karaoke provides the
opportunity to simultaneously perform and humiliate yourself in the name of entertainment. Scenes in movies like
My Best Friend’s Wedding, 27 Dresses and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days have made it
perfectly acceptable to be a subpar singer so long as the song you choose to
sing (read: butcher) is one everybody else in the bar knows, too.

before you decide to go sing karaoke with some
friends or to host your own karaoke party, take note of these most requested
karaoke songs. If you’re not a good singer, at least choose a good song.

1 – “Picture” as
performed by Sheryl Crow and Kid Rock


2 – “Before He
Cheats” as performed by Carrie Underwood

loves company. The top two most requested karaoke songs are about lovers who
are cheating or have cheated on their significant others. Whether or not you’ve
experienced similar betrayal, these songs are sure to resonate with your

3 – “Summer Nights” as
performed by John Travolta and Olivia Newton John

classic hit from the movie and stage production Grease is the perfect opportunity for you and your date to share a
duet on the stage. The song portrays the unique perspectives guys and girls
have and how much they differ, at least in storytelling.

4 – “Don’t Stop
Believing” as performed by Journey

royalties probably spiked compliments of the television show Glee. The show has mashed up, remixed
and revived more than one hit by the famous 80s band. The first of their songs
to appear on the show was “Don’t Stop Believing”. This is another great duet
song for any couple.

5 – “Black Velvet” as
performed by Alannah Myles

might be surprised to know that the 1990 chart topping rock song, “Black
Velvet” is a commemorative song about Elvis Presley. You might be even more
surprised to learn that it was written by a Canadian. If you prefer to sing a
mix of blues and rock, this is the song for you.

6 – “Friends in Low
Places” as sung by Garth Brooks

didn’t write this song, but he made it famous. The
actual writer got the idea when he forgot his
money at a restaurant one night. His friends asked how he planned to pay for
his meal. His response: “I’ve got friends in low places. I know the cook.” If
you’ve ever “showed up in boots” or been glad to feel a bit out of place, you
know how to sing this song.

7 – “Santeria” as
sung by Sublime

song title may point to Caribbean religion, but this song is about a jealous
ex-boyfriend’s revenge. See numbers one and two on this list.

8 – “Sweet Caroline”
as sung by Neil Diamond

was inspired to write this song after seeing a cover photo of Caroline Kennedy
with her parents. For anyone not familiar with the connection to the political
family, perhaps you know about the association of the song with all things
Boston, beginning with the Red Sox.

any of these songs ensures that most people listening to you will be familiar
enough with the tune to maybe sing along and drown out the notes you miss. It’s
fun for everybody that way!