You’re getting married! Congratulations! This is one of the
most special times in your life, and you deserve it to be beautiful. Since
weddings usually take after a certain wedding
, you probably are wondering what this year’s trend is for weddings in
the spring, summer, and fall.

Trend #1: Pink

Pink is a soft, romantic color. It sets the stage for a
wedding that is calm, pretty, and sacred. Not all pinks are in though. Pick
light pink over hot pink.

Trend #2: Ushers

Imagine having someone at the back of the venue with white
gloves and a tuxedo. He welcomes your guests and then leads them to their
seats. He bows as your guests take a seat. It’s elegant and will have your
guests feel oh so special.

Trend #3: Patterns

People have stepped away from solids and have entered into
patterns. You will see a lot of trellis patterns, stripes, and florals in 2014

Trend #4: Tree Peony

The many-petaled tree peony is all of the rage this year.
People love how romantic they are and how they go with virtually everything.

Trend #5: Flowery Garland

To get as many flowers into your wedding as possible, think
of flowery garland. You can put it around a bar, entryway, or around tables. If
flower garland isn’t your thing, you can go with fruit garland with lemons,
limes, and oranges. You can also go simple with fern garland.

Trend #6: Small Invitations

Wedding invitations have grown in size over the past decade,
but in 2014, they have shrunk. Brides and grooms are now settling on small
postcard or smaller invitations. They are usually 5×7 now.

Trend #7: Turning Up the Spice

Wedding food has been known to be bland until now. Wedding
planners are choosing spicy dishes such as chili. The warmth of the food will
warm everyone’s hearts as they watch the new husband and wife start their life

Trend #8: Family Style Cuisine

Instead of everyone getting a plate, weddings in 2014 will
serve family style cuisine. People will be able to serve each other and take as
much as they would like to eat. This gets people talking with each other and
truly enjoy one another.

Trend #9: Cakes Sparkle


Brides and grooms want more from their cakes. They want them
to sparkle with glitter and even diamonds. This can make them more expensive,
but it’s worth the cost when your cake shows off its beauty.

Trend #10: Music Switch Up

Traditional songs are still going strong, but many brides
and grooms are adding in new musical styles such as bluegrass, country, and

This is your wedding, and you have many choices when it
comes to planning it. If you need more help with you wedding, contact a wedding DJ in San Antonio. He
will help you make your reception beautiful and memorable for you and your