A Guide for Karaoke


it’s time to sing karaoke, get ready to show off. This guide to karaoke can
help you overcome stage fright, choose the best songs based on your vocal
talent, and how to move to give people a full show. With these tips, you’ll be
singing songs one right after another as everyone cheers you on.

Stage Fright

fright is an intense anxiety many people have when they must perform in front
of an audience. This can cause people to freeze, so they are unable to sing. It
might also prevent some people from moving.

this sounds like you, there is hope. You can conquer stage fright. You simply
have to increase your confidence in your ability to show off and ease yourself
into feeling more comfortable.

karaoke parties as much as possible and pay attention to other karaoke
performers. You’ll likely realize not everyone can sing or move as well as you
do. Use this to help you feel better about yourself. These people are on stage
and they don’t have a problem showing off, so if you can do better, then you
have nothing to worry about.

those of you who don’t believe you are better than others, you may want to try
to record yourself. You may not realize how good you really are when you’re up
on stage, but when you stand back and see how good you can really perform, you
may feel much better.

push yourself. Start with one song, and then let go. Frequent places where
there is karaoke
 every week, and go up
and do it. The more you do it, the more comfortable you will feel after a
while. You don’t want to do too much too fast though because you may scare
yourself enough to never want to do it again. Just ease yourself into it, and
before you know it, you’ll end up loving it.

Songs for Bad Singers

don’t have to be a great singer to sing karaoke. There are plenty of songs you
can sing to that even the worst singers have been able to nail.

  • B-52’s Love Shack
  • Tone Loc’s Wild
  • The Ramones I Wanna
    be Sedated
  • Joan Jett’s Bad
  • Van Halen’s Jump
  • Bon Jovi’s Dead or
  • The Kinks Lola
  • Madonna’s Like a

Best Move to Do When Singing Karaoke

not just about singing when you do karaoke. You must perform as well. Try out
these moves the next time you’re up on stage.

a diva
Use one hand to hold the microphone, and use the other hand to express the
emotional intensity of the song you’re singing. Try putting your free hand up
in the air to encourage people to raise their hand up and get into the music,
and maybe wag your finger when performing a boy/girlfriend has done you wrong.

your peepers
Close your eyes and feel the music. Many times, your body will move to the
music better when you’re not concentrating on everyone in front of you.

Have fun and start jumping around to the music. You may just be amazed at how
much easier it is to perform when you loosen up with some jumps.

the Star at Your Next Karaoke Event

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