Cutting Edge Entertainment strives to live up to its name by
attending conferences and seminars that present the latest trends and
technology in the DJ industry.

Most recently, Ron Peene, President and General Manager of
Cutting Edge, attended the
Beat Vegas DJ Show
. The show is put on by Mobile
Beat: The Mobile Entertainer’s Magazine
, a publication geared toward mobile
entertainers and technology enthusiasts looking for practical tips and business

In addition to being able to network with other professionals
and manufacturers in the industry at the show, Ron saw firsthand the new
technology Cutting Edge will be using in the future. By attending the show, he
was able to interact with the equipment and ask specific questions of the
manufacturer. A local electronics store doesn’t offer that kind of expertise.

Manufacturers like Pioneer
are producing systems with wireless capabilities. These systems are more than
just fancy gadgetry; they serve unique functions as well. For example, a party DJ would have the
ability to demonstrate dance moves and still control the music in the palm of
his/her hand, eliminating the need to run back to the equipment to start and
stop the song.

So, Ron stays current on the technology that makes your corporate
party or wedding reception hop, but he also attended seminars dealing with the
following topics:

  •         How to prevent conflict
  •        New tips on how to execute a show
  •         How to present yourself when you DJ a wedding
  •        Digital gaming systems 

There is more to being a mobile entertainer than just playing
good music. It’s about providing customers with memorable experiences in a fun
and professional way.

After spending time with so many in the industry, Ron was able
to pinpoint what distinguishes Cutting Edge Entertainment from other companies.
The size of the company and the experience behind it may be the biggest selling
point, but we also provide a consistent experience. Other companies contract
with independent DJs who use a variety of different systems. Cutting Edge hires
employees who use our equipment. This gives us the ability to train our DJs, to
know how they will treat you and to live up to the
you may have read.