San Antonio bridal shows like The Bridal Extravaganza and The Wedding Fair are held in cities all over
the nation every year. Brides-to-be flock to the shows in search of ideas,
vendors and bargains. But do the shows deliver on what they promise?

Ron Peene,
President and General Manager of Cutting
Edge Entertainment
, recently attended The Bridal Extravaganza and
observed some benefits and some things of which brides should be aware. First,
the pros.

Pro: Everything in one location

Bridal shows can be a one-stop-shop for brides and wedding
planners alike. All the vendors are in one location at the same time. Brides
have the opportunity to comparison shop, meet the vendors face to face and see
presentations or samples they might not otherwise see first hand. For example, wedding entertainment
vendors like Cutting Edge may have lighting and sound systems set up for
demonstrations at a bridal show but not in their offices. Similarly, bakeries
may offer samples of a variety of cakes that might not be on hand during a
typical day.

Pro: Multiple guests allowed

For the bride who has dreamed of and been planning her wedding
since she was a little girl, the opportunity to take family and friends to the
show with her simply adds to the experience. Sometimes vendors, like bridal
gown boutiques, only allow one or two guests to accompany the bride to an
appointment. That limits the experience to the mother of the bride and the maid
of honor, eliminating the opportunity for grandparents, other bridesmaids, the
groom or the father of the bride to attend. Bridal shows allow brides to share
the experience with more people and have assistance making decisions.

Pro: Discounts

Some wedding vendors provide discounts at the show if you’ll
book on the spot. Brides with decisive personalities and a fixed budget may be
able to save on the overall cost of the wedding. So, for some brides, there is
a financial incentive to attend bridal shows. However, this benefit also has a
dark side.

Con: Booking on the spot

The incentive for vendors to offer a discount is that they are
able to get a commitment from you on the spot. What can potentially serve as a
benefit to you also serves to benefit them. The flip side is that when you book
on the spot, you don’t have the time or opportunity to research the company or
read reviews of others who have used them. You could find yourself in a lurch
come time for your wedding. There are stories of companies that disappear, are
unprofessional or perform poorly.

Ron Peene has some professional advice for brides regarding
bridal shows. You want to take the time to read reviews and find a company that
fits with you. Get a list of the vendors who will be attending the show and do
your research ahead of time. For those vendors who still pass the muster after
your research, you can specifically look to find them at the show.

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