Wedding couple

Pantone has
announced that the color of 2014 is radiant orchid! How will you incorporate
this pink/fuchsia/purple color spectrum into your San Antonio weddings?
The options are plentiful.


The first and most obvious
choice would be to have your bridesmaids wear dresses of radiant orchid.
Because of Pantone’s announcement, finding the color shouldn’t be very
difficult. If you had a black tie look in mind, consider incorporating a
colorful sash or ribbon into the bridesmaids’ attire.


The next most obvious
solution is to use the color of the year in your flowers. Kale, roses, dahlia,
tulips and, yes, orchids all fall along the palette and make for a beautiful, purple
hued bouquets. Use them as bouquets, boutonnieres, or centerpieces to add a


A fun way to add color to
your wedding is in the shoes. If your bridesmaids are wearing a rather
conservative colored dress, spice things up a bit with radiant orchid shoes in
a complimentary shade. Groomsmen could use orchid as an accent color in their


For a more subtle hint of
orchid, look to accessories as a way to include the color. Agate stones,
colorful necklaces and drop earrings add some flare without overdoing it. You
could even incorporate cufflinks with radiant orchid for the groom and his


Wardrobes aside, other ways
to show off the color of the year are ribbons and bows. Pew bows that line the
aisle could be orchid or ribbons tied around centerpieces and bouquets could be
orchid and table runners could be orchid. It doesn’t have to be the primary
color; it can be an accent color, too.


Ask your cosmetologist if
shades of orchid in your makeup and that of your bridesmaids would be
flattering. From blush to eye shadow or lipstick, your faces could be both
radiant and orchid. If skin tones do not lend themselves to such coloring in
the face, maybe manicures and/or pedicures could sparkle with the color.

At the reception

Perhaps one of the easiest
ways to unify the shades of radiant orchid at your reception is with lighting.
Ask your DJ to set the mood with the
lights. It shines a hue of the color on everything from stemware to
tablecloths, walls to the dance floor. The best part of it all is that you
don’t have to worry about matching the colors perfectly. Use neutral linens and
let the lighting do the coordinating for you!


If you want to be extra
creative and include the color of your food in the planning of your wedding,
consider putting blackberry sorbet, iced cupcakes, fruit juice or punch in the
radiant orchid buffet line. Ask your cake decorator to include an orchid spray
on your wedding cake, too.


Other decorations at the
reception that could be radiant orchid are chair covers, place settings,
cutlery, centerpieces, table runners and wedding favors.

It’s your wedding. Use as
much or as little of the color of the year as you want.