Let’s be honest. Most couples talk about whether or not they want to marry each other long before the engagement. You can’t blame the guys for wanting some idea of how the proposal will be received. It would be incredibly awkward to have arranged some major engagement production only for her to say, “No.”

Engagement season has begun, and while guys are doing their best to make the engagement memorable and special, the ladies have been thinking about their weddings since they realized boys don’t actually have However, just as the guys are relieved when she says, “Yes,” the ladies are relieved to be able to solidify wedding plans after he proposes.

Brides-to-be know how important it is to plan early. Dresses will need to be ordered and altered, a process that can take somewhere in the neighborhood of four months! Venues get booked, especially on Saturdays in the summer. And the best DJs get taken, because weddings aren’t the only events we do. Planning ahead reduces the stress, provides you with more options and can potentially get you a better rate.

Here are a few tips for booking a professional DJ for your wedding reception:

  1. Start looking as soon as you get engaged. Unlike tux rentals or florists, DJs are requested for a wide variety of events other than weddings, and there are fewer of us. In the words of every cliché you’ve ever heard, “First come, first early bird to get the worm…” or something like that.
  2. Go with a company instead of an individual. Some receptions are booked as far in advance as a year. The last thing you want to happen is for a DJ to take your deposit a year before the event and then disappear without a forwarding address. Even if you could stand to lose the money, the stress of having to find another DJ at the last minute would be painful. Companies, like Cutting Edge Entertainment, tend
    to be more stable for any number of reasons. They have more DJs, more to lose if a customer filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and more effective scheduling practices.
  3. A good DJ will ask detailed questions about the schedule of events at the reception, but he/she understands that they aren’t just there to play music, but also to be the emcee.
  4. Choose a DJ who understands any wedding traditions you want to include and who has enough personality to get the crowd to participate in the fun.

For the best disc-jockey service San Antonio has to offer, invite us to be part of your big day. We are a company of professionals who have experience coordinating the introduction of the wedding party, first dances, father/daughter and mother/son dances, cake cutting, bouquet tosses, buffet lines, song requests and line dancing. With a huge selection of songs, we want to play what you want to hear at your reception. If you are a punk rocker, we’ll stay away from anything by Toby Keith, and if you’re down-home country, we’ll make sure there is ample opportunity to two-step. Contact us!