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Throw the Engagement Party of the Year


Throwing an engagement party isn’t anything new. Many
brides-to-be plan this type of party – especially if they aren’t getting
married for more than a year. Find out how you can throw an engagement party
that will be hard to beat when it comes time for your wedding.

a Theme

There are thousands of themes for sale that you can use
for an engagement party. Since it’s a celebration of love, the theme should include
some romance. Some people just choose their favorite colors and use decorations
that many people use for their wedding, while other people choose a fun,
non-wedding theme, such as sports or floral.

the Setting

You can have an engagement party at a banquet hall or
somewhere smaller such as a reception hall at a community center or church. The
location you choose has more to do with the number of people you are inviting
than it does on the setting. Of course, if you wanted an outdoor setting, you
can simply choose one without worry how many people come to the party since
outside has no boundaries.

a DJ and Select Music

An engagement party often has dancing. So, hiring a good party DJ in San Antonio is
a great choice to ensure the success of your event. You can review the songs he
has available and select romantic ones as well as popular songs played at other
types of parties. Mix it up, so you have love songs couples can dance to, fast
songs for the single people and groups of friends, and then group dancing songs
such as the Cha Cha Slide, Macarena, or Electric Slide.

Catering for Delicious Food

People come to parties to pay tribute to the guests of
honor, but also to have a good time dancing and eating. If you want to hire a caterer,
be sure to test out a few of them before you decide on one – just like you
would do for your wedding. If you like the caterer you choose, you may just
have one for your wedding too.


Guests love to tease the engaged couple. Have the SanAntonio wedding DJ announce the games and explain them to the
guests. Some of the games you can play are:

  • Newlyweds-to-be Game

Just because you aren’t married yet doesn’t mean you
don’t know each other well. Have the guests ask you and your fiancé questions.
You and your fiancé must write down what you would answer and then what your
fiancé would answer. You and your fiancé should not be able to see what you are
writing. After the questions have been asked, compare answers to see how many
you and your fiancé answered the same.

  • Karaoke

Have the DJ play some songs your guests can sing to and
hang the microphone over to them. They will have a great time trying to sing
the best they can and stay with the tempo.

  • Ice Cube Diamond

Give everyone an ice cube. Each person’s job is to carve
out a diamond shape as best as possible. You can make it even more difficult by
making everyone carve the same shape of your engagement ring.

Have a Good Time

Now that you know how to throw a great engagement party,
start planning today. It’s a special time in your life, and you have the right
to celebrate it with a party. So, have fun, and just think the next time you
have a huge party like this will be when you’re married.

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