The institution of marriage
may be timeless, but the environment of the wedding itself tends to transform
over time. At the beginning of the twenty-first century, the move away from
traditional ceremonies and receptions toward a more personalized event
continues. Four of the top trends for the year follow.

Informal elegance

For a while, brides and
grooms sought to have more casual weddings. Now there is a resurgence of
elegance and sophistication mixed with some casual playfulness. For example,
long gowns and black ties walk amongst the crowd to the dessert bar or photo
booth. Chandeliers and outdoorsy elements find a way to compliment each other
rather than clash. Flowers are beautifully arranged, but using blooms that might
be found in a backyard garden (peonies or hydrangeas, for example) rather than
the more exotic stems that have been popular in the past (eg. orchids).

Extended receptions

As the celebration
progresses, formality is being replaced by fun. More and more brides and grooms
are opting to have their reception in courses, so to speak. As guests arrive to
the reception venue, there may be a cocktail hour with a San Antonio wedding DJ playing
music that promotes mingling and conversation. Away from the dance floor, the
groom may have requested a reception lounge area consisting of couches rather
than tables and chairs so guests can sit and interact comfortably. According to
Marta, Editorial Director for
GigMasters, DJs and bands may work together to navigate
traditional reception elements like a father/daughter dance and the cake
cutting before raising the volume and speeding up the dance beats for the true
party that happens after Grandma and Grandpa have departed. The extended
receptions focus on a celebration that pleases everybody.

Technological influences

Technological advances affect
every aspect of life, including weddings. In addition to finding new, creative
ideas for ceremonies and receptions on Pinterest, brides and grooms can invite
guests who are unable to travel to the wedding to view the ceremony online via Live
stream. A professional disc-jockey will use the latest technology, usually in
the form of a high-tech media player, to play your favorite music. It’s also
not just about the music anymore. An entertainment 
company can also provide you
with dance floor lighting, a GOBO projector to show the bride and groom’s
initial’s and wedding date, uplighting to add to the ambiance of the room, as
well as other equipment such as projectors for slide shows, and portable PAs
for the ceremony itself.

Local food

Food trends vary drastically,
ranging from formal sit-down meals of pork loin to the multiple options
available with food trucks. Cocktail weddings eliminate the sit-down meal in
favor of a variety of refreshments being served by wait staff throughout the
reception, hors d’oeuvres style. Regardless of the type of food or style of
reception, one trend is common throughout for 2013: brides and grooms prefer
food to be fresh and local. This is simply an exclamation mark on the trend
across the past few years to have a greener celebration for the sake of the
environment. It also indicates a greater awareness of nutrition and flavor.