COVID-19, or the Coronavirus, will most likely be the deadliest flu virus since the influenza virus of 1918.  As tragic as an event that this is, it is quite historic if it’s been a hundred years since a pandemic of this magnitude has affected our lives.  So how has this affected your wedding?  If your wedding was scheduled for March, April, or May, you have probably already cancelled or postponed your event.  But what if your wedding is scheduled for June through August?  When will the restrictions end and when will we be able to resume our normal way of living?  There’s no answer to that just yet, so the key is to be prepared and be ready to act if you find that you’ll need to re-schedule.

The first question is, “Will you want the same event at a later time”?  Some clients have cancelled the wedding that they planned and have opted for a destination wedding or a small courthouse ceremony.   Keep in mind that you will probably lose some of your deposits if you completely cancel your event.  Some vendors might allow you to re-apply your deposit to a different event, such as a birthday or holiday party.

Other wedding couples have opted to just postpone their entire event to a later date, or still get married on the original date (with 10 or fewer guests), and then have their larger reception later.  Either way, you can still have the wedding that you’ve dreamed of, it’s just pushed back a bit.

You’ll probably want to start with your venue, to find out what dates in the future they have available.  If you have hired a wedding planner, seek their advice and assistance with everything you need to do to postpone.  Most vendors will allow you to re-schedule your date without a penalty, but each vendor is different.  Read the agreement that you signed with each vendor to find out what their policy is, and then speak to them to see if they are making any accommodations due to the situation.  Most of the vendors in San Antonio are awesome and sympathetic with what’s going on, but communication is key.  Don’t just assume you’ll lose your deposit, reach out and have the conversation.

If you are re-scheduling for a popular date in the fall, you’ll want to confirm your new date soon, don’t put it off!  October and November are already busy wedding months as it is and having most of the Spring weddings re-scheduling until then will only mean those dates will sell out quicker.  Also, remember to get all changes in writing.

Remember that if you wanted your ceremony or pictures done at a certain time of day, given the lighting and time of sunset, be sure to adjust your times on the new day to allow for that.

Lastly, let your guests know of your plans as soon as possible.  Whether it be by phone, e-mail, or text, let them know first that you have definitely decided to postpone, then again when you’ve decided on a re-scheduled date, and then again with any different details, such as timing and location.

With all this unexpected work to do, it is helpful to never lose sight of why you’re doing this, you wanted to marry your partner surrounded by the people you love the most.  If we can be of any assistance at all, whether it’s related to our DJ and Photo Booth services or not, please let us know.  Our physical office is closed, but we are open for business on the phone from 9am to 9pm.