Finding the perfect song selections for your wedding might be a troubling task for some.  You and your partner browse through your Spotify playlists to try and find the perfect songs. Eventually you give up and type “wedding reception songs” into Google and find all of the generic songs like “Canon in D”, “Can’t Help Falling In Love”, or “A Thousand Years”.  While these are undoubtably amazing songs, you and your partner want to feel like your wedding is one of a kind and not “Google-guided”.

I thought it would be a great idea to dissect the song selections of one of our most recent weddings. Rachel and Chris got married at the beautiful Frio Pecan Farms in Leakey, Texas. They had guests travel from all over the country to witness their amazing marriage. Many guests could not make the wedding but that did not stop them from having a grand ole time! I had the pleasure of interviewing Rachel and asked her where she got the inspiration for her reception songs.

Rachel’s song selections weren’t inspired from the internet. She instead got inspiration from her family. The first dance she selected was “Could I Have This Dance” by Floyd Cramer. This song was played by the DJ but sung by one of her closest friends Camille. Rachel’s decision for this song was inspired by her grandparents. Her grandfather had passed away over two years ago and this was her way of honoring him. This was her grandparent’s favorite song and all their guests were able to witness this special moment. Trying to find the perfect 1st dance song for your wedding day doesn’t have to be difficult. Asking a close family member is a memorable way of honoring them and keeping a song within the family.

Rachel also chose the song “Butterfly Kisses” for her father/daughter dance. Rachel told me a story about how her father would give her butterfly kisses every night before bed. A butterfly kiss is a sweet way of kissing someone with their eye lashes. Rachel chose this song because it brings her back to all those memories of her father when she was a little girl. Rather than looking up parent first dances, try asking your parents what they recommend. Their song suggestions just might make the final cut!

Television and movies aren’t a bad way to select reception songs as well. Rachel chose the Tina Tuner cover song “Simply The Best”, originally by Noah Reid. This song was featured in the hit television show Schitt’s Creek. Once the character Patrick Brewer sang this song to his partner in the show, Rachel knew it had to be her bridal march. Rachel was also inspired by the comedy show “Archer” where she chose the song “Danger Zone” by Kenny Loggins for her garter removal song. Not only is this the perfect garter removal song but it allowed Rachel to pay homage to her favorite comedy show. Try browsing your favorite Netflix television shows for a fun and unique way to select your wedding reception songs.

Planning the details of your wedding can be challenging at times but choosing your reception songs doesn’t have to be. Make this an opportunity so both you and your partner can reach out to your loved ones and discover songs from your family’s past. Rachel and Chris went on to have and amazing wedding and with the help from their family (and Netflix), they were able to include some songs that really made their wedding one-of-a-kind.