Boom, Boom, Thump, Thump! All along the concert stage are rows and rows of giant speakers with miles of cables tricking from amp to amp. Concert speakers produce massive amounts of energy to provide thousands of people with loud explosive music. It almost feels as though the music can be felt with all your body. Your chest feels like a hollow drum following the beat of the music. There is no other feeling like it in the world.

Music festivals like Austin City Limits, Coachella, and Lollapalooza provide music for all types of listeners. Whether you like to listen to Pop, Hip Hop, or Rock and Roll. But what if you happen to be deaf? The deaf community have also been able to attend these festivals due to the loud thumping speakers that allows them to feel the music with their whole body. The hearing impaired can feel the snap of a bass, crack of a snare drum, and even enjoy lyrics through concert interpreters.

If you have ever seen a concert interpreter at a live concert, you know that they can get down! Interpreters aren’t just going to interpret words and lyrics. A good interpreter is going to turn a whole performance into full body experience. Sometimes, they are even more interesting that the artist playing. They will take the sound of a snapping bass and physically show their viewers what that sounds looks like. They will Imitate playing a bass and show facial expressions that visualize how deep the sound a bass makes. When interpreting a fast rap lyric, they will move their hands so quick and so elegantly that they words are just spilling from their fingertips.

The deaf community can enjoy music just like anyone else with the help of powerful subwoofers which allows them to take off their hearing aids and become one with the music. When considering throwing a party for the hearing impaired you must consider some options. Ask yourself, which San Antonio DJs have the proper speakers and subwoofers to cater to the hard of hearing. It’s also important that your DJ focuses attention to the amount of bass and vibrations that are being put out. Keeping an eye on low frequencies can allow deaf individuals to feel the vibrations radiating from the speakers.

Lighting can also allow the deaf community to see the music as well. Having lighting equipment that flashes and responds to sounds of music is another great way to engage the senses of the hearing impaired.  Here at Cutting Edge Entertainment, we were fortunate enough to regularly provide DJ services in the past for a hearing-impaired school, complete with subwoofer and additional lighting.  These kids were so happy to be able to join in the fun of music without letting their disability get in the way. We often need to realize that listening doesn’t require our ears but rather our hearts.