Planning your wedding during a pandemic is not exactly what couples had in mind about their special day. COVID-19 has affected our day-to-day lives and has made us adapt to new ways of living. The world is not the same as it used to be, but it has opened the public’s eye to how the world should be. This time we have had to reflect has allowed us to plan and make sure we are able to enjoy peoples company in the safest way possible. The troubling question on every engaged couple’s mind is HOW? How do we throw a safe covid-friendly wedding?

Lucky for you I have read all the Texas protocols, so you do not have to. So here are some facts that can help you map out your perfect day.  When considering a venue keep these guidelines in mind. Weddings that are held in a restaurant must follow the restaurant protocols. If deciding this destination make sure to have open communication on what is allowed and what is not allowed. As far as indoor events the limitation of only 75% of the facility’s occupancy is allowed. This is also excluding vendors, employees and independent contractors. Now with vaccinations being open to the public, the guidelines will steadily become more laxed. Ideally the best venue for your wedding is to be held at is outside with that Texas fresh air. Outside weddings are on the rise because there is no occupancy limit, which allows you and your guests to enjoy your time as freely as possible.

Now when it comes to guests you must ensure not only they have the best time ever but also be safe celebrating your day too. Of course, we all know to keep 6 feet apart by this time. We want to keep that in place even while waiting for the reception. So, if your guests come in separate groups make sure they arrive on time but 6 feet away from other groups of guests. Make sure the venue has sanitizing stations not only at the entrance but the exit as well. When getting ready for dinner, toast, and most importantly, cake cutting ensure there are no more than 10 people at each table. That will assure the safety of others and allow the fun to continue. A great tip is to have visible signage to remind your guests of hygiene practices. Also, a trendy memento your guests can keep forever is a custom mask. That will be a reminder of this weird era and a story for the grandkids to hear one day.

When booking vendors or contractors be sure to have open communication on what their procedures are for stopping the spread of covid. A checklist of questions to ask will help you understand them more. Ask about them if they use non-reusable condiments, their use of temp checks for employees, and use of cleaning disinfection on site. Most importantly make sure sanitizer and respiratory etiquette is on check.

If you really think about it, this is the perfect time to plan a wedding. It gives you time to thoughtful research vendors, take digital tours, and have virtual meetings. Also gives you time to make that perfect playlist to help the San Antonio DJ understand exactly what you want to hear. You do not have to leave your home to plan the ideal day. What is more ideal than that?