Having your own karaoke party is even better than going out to a karaoke bar—no lines, no strangers, and no hassle! Plus, hosting your own karaoke event is a great way to bring together friends and family in a fun, casual setting. A good karaoke party will have your friends not just singing songs, but singing praises. So how do you kick your karaoke party up a notch? Jazz things up with fun decorations and accessories! Here are some ideas:

Get Creative with the Menu

Surprisingly, singing can really work up one’s appetite! Don’t let your party guests go hungry—growling stomachs can lead to bad moods, which makes for bad music. They say “don’t play with your food,” but it’s okay to get crafty: your edible offerings can double up as decorative displays. Use ice cream cones to make cake pops that look like microphones, cut sandwiches and fruit into the shapes of instruments, construct multi-tiered displays from vinyl disks…the options are endless! If you’re struggling for ideas, don’t forget you can easily make any food music-themed by getting creative with labels or dish names.

Set up a Photo-booth

Parties are all about making memories—let your guests walk away with photos that will make them smile for years to come. A well-executed photo-booth can easily be the decorative centerpiece of your event. Set up a themed backdrop and include props such as hats, glasses, wigs, etc. guests can pose with. Depending on where your photo booth is located and how it’s styled, your photo booth can make a huge aesthetic difference in your party.

Offer Prizes

Those who really sing their heart out deserve a pat on the back…or, a prize! A fun idea is handing out “musical awards”—these can be small trophies, golden or sparkly microphones, or anything else you can think of! Here’s the key: stack up all your “trophies” in an easily visible area so guests can keep their “eyes on the prize.” This will add to a glitzy element to the atmosphere and encourage your guests to try their best.


When you think karaoke, you think of a dark room, bright lights, and loud music. Lighting can make a big difference in how “authentic” your karaoke set-up looks, and it makes a world of difference when it comes to a party. Play around with different light types and colors to create a more conducive musical environment and to get your party popping. If nothing else, don’t forget the lights! (Need help? Contact us!)

Miscellaneous Decorations

Once you’ve got the main elements of your karaoke party hammered down, feel free to go all out with the rest! After all, if you’re going to party, you may as well do it in style! Balloons, glitter, and streamers will always be well-received—opt for blacks, silvers, golds, and purples to match the karaoke theme.

There are many DIY decorations you can create as well. Some ideas: create a garland of piano keys using paper, create your own disco ball from CDs, cut out musical notes from cardstock to decorate the room, and make decorative records from paper plates to embellish the walls.