Throughout the country, summer weddings tend to become very popular, but in Texas, the summer months are really hot! We would highly suggest in the possible extent to have your ceremony and reception inside, as doing anything outside when is over 90 degrees during the day could be a drag on your guests and you, and you don’t want Aunt Rose ready to faint in the middle of your ceremony! However, we have some recommendations for you if you are considering having part of your wedding celebration outdoors.


Be prepared in advance and book an indoor, air conditioned venue, as you don’t want your guests sitting in the sun and sweating in their nice dresses or their best suits. As the weeks go by you won’t be able to find anything that has an opening for your desired date. San Antonio has a number of beautiful indoor venue options; there are several outdoor venues that are gorgeous as well, just make sure you get everything prepared in advance, consider a tent with A/C and fans included, and have your event before the heat of the day peaks or later in the afternoon. Have you thought having a ceremony under the stars?


We’ve seen that most of the wedding dresses are sleeveless, meaning that on an evening ceremony in summer, a gorgeous sleeveless gown in a lighter fabric can not only be stunning, but also comfortable. Be aware that the strapless taffeta you got your eyes laid on doesn’t breathe, you’ll be stewing in your own juices by the end of the celebration, choose an attire that helps you keep you fresh, cotton is ideal!
As for the groomsmen wearing suspenders or vests instead of full jackets would be a great respite. Opt for a shorter train or a less bulky petticoat, linen is the choice to go. Your guests may also find it liberating to enjoy more casual attire, such as light cotton/linen suits and brightly colored dresses.


Feeding your guests can be demanding and the summer months give you the opportunity to go for more seasonally appropriate, lighter fare.  We can assure you it is much easier to get away with serving appetizers only on a warm summer night than it is on a cool fall or spring evening. Besides, if you love summer produce, like tomatoes, eggplants, peppers and summer squash, these months are the best time to get this goodies fresh and locally.


Have plenty of cold water at the ceremony, reception and dinner. For your cocktail hour before the reception, if you’re considering having it outside on a beautiful garden area, wait until the sun is setting, as no one wants to be outside in the heat.
While an open bar is a great way to celebrate, be sure to have plenty of cool beverage options that will help to re-hydrate your guests. You don’t need to eliminate the alcohol, but have plenty of ice water on hand.

Long Days

With gloriously long summer days, the possibilities to catch daylight for your wedding are seemingly endless. The later in the evening you can schedule the wedding, the more likely you are to have cooler temperatures. Keep in mind that the sun doesn’t go down until after 8:00 p.m. A sunset wedding can happen on an “off” weekday as late as 8:30 p.m., leaving your local guests ample time to get ready and head over after work.
If you opt to have a morning wedding, have it before the heat of the day peaks (say 10:00 a.m.). Brunch ceremonies can be sun-drenched affairs, held in lovely indoor or outdoor spaces before the day gets too hot to handle.

Make it Comfortable

You want to make your guests feel as comfortable as you can, so they don’t leave before the dancing starts.

Hire some of those giant fans and outdoor air conditioners. Place misters that spray out a fine mist of water to cool the air. Have your programs printed on fans and place them for each guest. Include in your invitations information about the weather and how to dress to beat the heat. Mosquito spray, you can have them made as perfumes or with essences that doubles as bug spray.

Have you heard of snow cone machines? It would be a nice treat for kids and adults! Better than that? What about an ice cream sundae bar!

We’re happy to help you celebrate your wedding all year round. If you’re looking for more insider tips and having a great wedding DJ in San Antonio, give us a call.