Alright, so you’ve picked already the theme and style for your wedding day; at this point you had pictured the décor, flowers, lighting, colors, invitations and probably you even planned the seating. Now it’s an ideal opportunity to think how you want to set the mood with music for your ceremony and reception. Regardless of your musical selection, the melodies you select for the distinctive moments in your wedding will personalize it and add emotions and feelings. All these factors will come together simultaneously to create an captivating event that will be remembered for a lifetime.

Every tune makes its own particular romantic feeling, and what’s more inspiring and incredible about it, is that you can pick songs that fit your own style and defines your relationship and you as a couple.

Which melodies, what moods and when would you like to play each tune? Here are a couple of tips to help you figure it all out.

Ceremony Music

To begin, remember that music will play at different times during your wedding day. Whether your ceremony is taking place outdoors, at a church or in other venue, music will help to define many of the most important moments of your wedding. It will create expectation and will help to set the mood for your wedding, like the bride’s entrance song or the first dance song. So every song should harmonize with whatever part of the occasion is happening.

For example, you wouldn’t want a dance party tune to play as you strolled down the aisle. Although there are no restrictions, other than being conscious of the venue that you are using.


Prelude accompaniment is soft, it sets the mood in the ambiance, begins when the doors open and meanwhile your guests are being seated waiting for the ceremony to start, or at least 30 minutes before the beginning of the ceremony. It only makes sense that there should be some good tunes to display your personalities, and set the mood you desire before the festivities even begin!


The processional music announces the entry of the wedding party – families, groom, bridal party, and of course, the bride. The same song can be used for all of the party, although we like the idea of changing to another tune when the bride enters to highlight her entrance.

Not everybody is into the immortal wedding tune “Here Comes the Bride” amid the walk down the hallway. Many couples have started to combine their own particular style into the wedding ceremony by strolling down the path to tunes like Adele’s “Make You Feel My Love”, “Landslide” by Stevie Nicks or “Runaway” by The Corrs.


The recessional plays at the conclusion of the ceremony. This melody will accompany you as you make your exit as newlyweds! Traditionally it is radiant and full of life, a reflection of your happiness!

Some couples choose to add some songs played during meaningful moments such as the unity candle lighting. You probably want to consider including a postlude, a selection of melodies played while guests exit the ceremony precinct.


After the ceremony has concluded, if you have some time before your reception starts, you may want to have prepared a playlist as background for casual mingling. Choose a song specifically for your grand entrance at the reception, if you’re planning to introduce yourselves that way.

The First Dance

You and your fiance will want to pick a song that has special meaning to you as a couple. You can go with timeless and classical, whimsical and funny, or go modern and use one of the latest hits of the year. If you’re including other symbolic dances, don’t forget to pick special songs that those too.

Whether you want a traditional and classic love melody, something instrumental or a rock/pop ballad, the tunes you choose for your wedding and the order they will be played will be as unique as your relationship.

Kick off your wedding day with a pleasant wedding prelude featuring music that moves and inspires you, set the mood and let the music create happy and lasting memories for you on your new life together!

Let us help you to tell your exceptional love story through music, we have a big list of famous and popular wedding songs for all of your big moments — from entering and walking down the aisle to tossing the bouquet.