Love is great when someone’s sweeping you off your feet, that sparkler on your finger sets the first of many happy stories to come. Rest assured that people will want to congratulate you both on your recent commitment, so an engagement party presents the perfect opportunity to do so and also it is a great occasion to introduce important people from your lives on a more intimate way.
Here is everything you (or the people helping you to host) need to know to pull off the perfect post-proposal party.


It is a tradition to have your engagement party within 3 months after the big announcement, that way you can pick a date while the news is still fresh in everyone’s minds.
While sometimes timelines must be met when it comes to celebrating your engagement, if it takes you a little longer to get your head around, don’t stress. Those who love you won’t care and will celebrate with you anyway.
Better yet, why not announce the news at the party? There’s nothing quite as romantic as a surprise engagement to keep your guests talking long past your big day.


Tradition has it that the bride’s parents host the initial celebration, nonetheless the groom’s parents can also throw their party later. Something less traditional, but maybe more appealing, is to have parents from both sides come together to co-host the fete.
Want to throw your own engagement party? Go for it! Seriously, it’s not a big deal to throw your own soirée. These days, more and more couples are casting tradition aside altogether and throwing the engagement party themselves. Close friends can also host, but before you ask them, be mindful of the economic implications.


It depends on how many guests you want to invite, however you can make an engagement party almost anywhere. While picking the venue, consider the vibe you want to create: A restaurant or your parent’s home is a classic choice, but you don’t have to limit yourself to those options, any spot—from an art gallery to a beach—would make it great too! As you decide on the venue, keep in mind: You never want to upstage the actual wedding, so create a different vibe for the engagement party.


There are no rules, except for this one: Any guests invited to your engagement party should also be invited to your wedding. Otherwise, it’s quite discourteous to have someone take the time and effort to attend and celebrate your engagement just to realize they won’t be invited to celebrate your wedding in person.
So, who should you invite? Well, your families are out of the question! Besides, it presents a great opportunity for families on both sides to meet each other; then you should invite your closest friends, then depending on how much space you have considered, invite guests according to their relationships and importance to you and your fiancee. Avoid any hurt feelings later on by keeping your guest list small.


Here comes the fun stuff, themes!
Themes can be anything you want, they are gaining popularity as a relaxed, carefree soiree where all couples can express themselves, also will help you to decide in terms of decoration, food and venue. Did you have your first date at a rodeo? Then don’t be afraid to include that sort of aesthetic appeal into your celebration! It’s nice to have your theme somehow related to your relationship. Here are few ideas for you:

Exotic Fiesta

Who can deny that having festive flowers, maracas and margaritas is not exotic? Set the mood with mini cacti & succulent centerpieces, marigolds and red cremons, and hang few multicolor papel picado party flags. Corn chips, guacamole and salsa are excellent snacks, a make-your-own taco bar is easy to set up and great for the main course, it allows your guests to make their own plates; to kick it up a notch, have a Margarita bar setup.

Ol’ Backyard BBQ

Why not make it feel like home with a casual BBQ? Widespread the red gingham tablecloths and bring out some paper lanterns for additional light after sunset (besides adds a touch of romanticism). Impress your guests with a broad range of condiments, from sweet to spicy sauces. We suggest keeping the classics when it comes to grilling, but in small portions: burgers, hot dogs, corn on the cob or grilled cheese for kids.

Wine Tasting

Arrange a table with canapés that match well with several wines, add some varieties of cheese and grapes as well! Display a signage that describes which food goes best with which wine. For any guests who may not know how to taste wine appropriately, place a poster or have someone at the bar that will guide them  through the steps of tilting, swirling, smelling and tasting.

Have fun at your party! The wedding planning process is quite demanding, it’s important for you to take a brake at this gathering and embrace the fact that you are surrounded by people that you love and love you back. We can help you to pick a theme, set a playlist and have games ready to get this engagement party started!