Hosting Your First Scary-oke Halloween Party

For some, Halloween is the most sacred time of year. When you were younger, you’d bust out the Superhero Underoos and fashion your best cape by tying a bedsheet around your neck. But that’s child’s play, and by now we all know that underwear goes under the spandex. Now you’re an adult and this time you want to go all out. You decide to take the opportunity to impress your friends and family by hosting a one-of-a-kind Halloween Party! But how do you make your party stand out?


Your guests want to be impressed the second they pull up and walk up to your door. Maybe you keep it simple, or maybe they begin to suspect that infected zombies are trapped inside. Whichever direction you go in, something is better than nothing! You’re wearing a costume, your guests are wearing costumes… Suddenly the dots have mystically appeared and are ready to be connected. Your house needs a costume!


This doesn’t have to be on a Michelin Chef rated scale. Basic foods with a hint of food coloring can “creep out” guests, making them pause before taking that first bite. Your “Dead Velvet Cake” will be talked about for weeks! It’s practically Fall now which means apples are abundant. Cover those bad boys with a red-candied and “bloody” glaze. Or go for the throwback and dump them in a plastic tote (or basin) and make people bob for them. Turn it into a challenge by having teams get the apples out of one bin and into another, with the winner having the most apples collected.

Photo Booth

Set up a corner inside your home or even your back porch for pictures. You and your friends wore costumes, and don’t you want to capture the memories, (or evidence for blackmail), of how much fun it was? For your photo booth to be complete, you need a background and some props. Using some basic Fall or Halloween supplies you can create your own background. DIY props can be made by creating tombstones from cardboard, some matte silver spray paint, and a black marker. Provide some examples to get their creative juices flowing. Have some that say: “Died laughing”, “Undead”, “Grand Finale”, and so on. Select a designated photographer, or make it a selfie station let your guests control the fun.


We already mentioned one fun way you could bring your guests together.  For some truly memorable cutting edge entertainment, try one or all of the following:

Someone showed up and they’re not wearing a costume?. BOOM! Say hello to the judge all of your contests. This way they are not missing out on everyone else’s good time.

Design or buy a unique a prize for the most original costume. The next time people come to your Halloween party, the costume-less might try a little harder.

Which costumed singer embodied like the original performer? Whose performance was the most “dead” on? Who sang the most creative Halloween rendition of a non-Halloween song? However, for all of these singing competitions to be possible, you need some ridiculously good karaoke at your event.

As one of our founding fathers (allegedly) said, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” Don’t wait until the last second to book a great karaoke option for your party!