While there is no doubt being a dj at a wedding is a wonderful feeling. Being a part of such a important day that two people will never forget makes for a rewarding and fulfilling occupation. But there is another event that being part of actually surpasses being part of a wedding. A 50th wedding anniversary!

Just being around couples that have spent such a long time together is an amazing experience. While the long road of 50 years together may not have been easy, the love and devotion it takes to accomplish this is so evident when family and friends gather to celebrate the anniversary. Just being part of the event and experiencing the closeness of family is a rare and joyous occasion.

By hiring an experienced dj for a 50th wedding anniversary celebration you can make the day extra special by tapping into the music from the generation. For the loving couple getting to dance together to their old favorites just like it was their wedding day all over again is something special. While for children and grandchildren it is a wonderful treat to share in precious memories from the past.

A professional dj knows not only what songs are popular right now, but is also knowledgeable on what was popular for decades past. This make them ideal for turning back the clock 50 years to the day the happy couple first exchanged vows.

When planning a 50th anniversary some choose to go with a band but are disappointed to find out there are limitations to this option. While most bands know and can play most popular songs, they may not be able to cover all the genres of music from 50 years ago. While a dj will not have the limitations of needing to know the song in order to play it on an instrument.

Of course it is not all about the music at a 50th wedding anniversary and an experienced dj can also serve as a host for the evening. On such a special occasion, friends and family will have lots of fun stories and personal moments they want to share about the couple. A talented emcee can mix those stories in with the music and keep a smooth flow throughout the event.

A 50th wedding anniversary is an impressive accomplishment! So make the most of this once in a lifetime event by hiring only the best San Antonio djs to take the happy couple back in time to the day that started it all. With plenty of music and a skillful emcee the event can be something the entire family will remember.