America’s birthday is just around the corner and we’ve got blue, red, white, and par-tay on mind with festivities taking place all over the country. I guess you are planning to celebrate the 4th of July with a big bash, hosting at your place a good ol’ backyard BBQ, or maybe you’ll head off to a picnic gathering at the park or the beach? However you decide to celebrate, you might want to be ready with food, drink, decorations, and entertainment that resembles the festivities!

This season is perfect for an outdoor get together. There is something unique about the festivities that occur on the 4th of July, and it’s so easy to plan a party! Stars and stripes? Yeah! Red, white, and blue colors? Obviously! Simple, easy, and kid-friendly? You got it!

Not sure what works best for an Independence Day party? You’ll find some ideas here to plan your big celebration!

Patriotic eats, sweets, and refreshers

Look at these awesome food and drink ideas that are as American as a crusty apple pie. Simply try to say no to hamburgers, french fries, hot dogs, s’mores, and more. Get each of the ingredients ready and salute the red, white, and blue!

Sweet American pie
Make a fruit flag
  • Hamburger and hot dog station, your main attraction – Hotdogs and hamburgers in star-studded trays while setting out condiments to satisfy your taste buds, it will make you the host of the year!
  • Fries in party-sized portions – Save yourself some time while serving crowd-satisfying portions without the hassle of serving fries to a crowd.
  • A parfait buffet praises the spirit of the USA! – America cherishes uniqueness, so let everyone have it their way at a fruit-and-yogurt parfait station.
  • Make a fruit flag – Strawberry, blueberry, and banana kabobs line up beautifully to salute the grand ol’ flag.
  • S’mores packs – Planning to light a campfire? Serve the s’mores essentials in fry holders, and your guests will be all set to create the ooey-gooey treats.
  • Precious Pies – For sparkly spangled pies, make dough cutouts with cookie cutters in multiple sizes and sprinkle with extra sugar before baking.
  • Coconut and Berry Popsicles – These frozen treats are tasty and healthy. Easy to make as dropping some berries into popsicle molds, then fill them with coconut water and just freeze, that’s it!

Grown-up cocktails can be fun too!

  • Blueberry Absinthe Cocktail – We adore this cocktail’s stars-and-stripes look and sophisticated flavor. Freeze blueberries inside ice cubes, then top up a cocktail shaker with ice, add 1 oz. of pomegranate juice, 2 shots of blueberry vodka, 1 tbsp of freshly squeezed lemon juice and a splash of simple sugar syrup. Pour the mix into a small tumbler and top with 1/4 oz. of Absinthe and club soda, pour both slowly over the back of a spoon, watch the absinthe slowly turn from clear to milky white.
  • Wine Sparklers – This spritzer is so easy to make, yet so refreshing and festive. Mix white wine with lemon-lime soda and decorate with blueberries and watermelon stars. When you finish your glass, you’ll get a chunk of boozy chilled fruit to enjoy.

Friends, Fireworks and Fun!

Have fun at your party with these star-spangled themed ideas. Your guest’s faces will brighten like sparklers when they see your 4th of July mementos, and stars-and-stripes centerpieces and decorations. Too cool!

  • Red, White, and Blue Mason Jars – Use chalkboard labels to give these colorful Mason jars a personal touch.
  • Joy Jars – Tuck star-spangled napkins and utensils in mason jars, they’re easy for guests to grab after they’ve loaded up their plates, plus they do double duty as drinking glasses.
  • Red, White, and Blue Picnic Quilt – It’s an easy DIY! Just sew together some red, white, and blue bandanas, and you got yourself a patriotic coverlet ready for a backyard picnic.
  • Painted Lawn Stars: Decorate your garden with some stars! Grab a star stencil, some spray paint and create a patriotic starry lawn with multiple colors, it will look yankee-doodle-dandy.
  • Ring Toss Game – You’ll be taking out this DIY bottle ring toss game every time! Ready for backyard picnics, evenings at the park or beach-side trips. Simply use blue red, and white craft paint for the bottles and rings!

Plan a Patriotic Night

The 4th of July wouldn’t be complete without a band or DJ playing some patriotic tunes! Nothing says independence like the sound of an americana, folk, or country band performing our country’s best melodies.

Just as our founding fathers intended, you’ve got the freedom to choose what you’ll want to play, whether it’s a country, rock, or a DJ to bust a move; this will make all the neighbors jealous!

If you’re looking for entertainment for the little ones: clowns, face painters, airbrush tattoo artists, magicians, and bounce houses are all perfect for keeping them happy (and keeping you sane).


Still not sure what to do or what would work best with your event? Let us help you find the perfect entertainment package for your Independence Day gathering! Contact us now!