There’s that special moment in every wedding, shortly after the groom takes his place on the platform. Rows of heads turn back, away from the altar. The organ changes its tune. Cameras are loaded, aimed, and ready, waiting for the beautiful bride.
Then, the wedding guests finally hear what they’ve been waiting for all day – the pounding of keys playing the tune.

As you stroll down the aisle, everyone’s eyes will be on you. Your hair, your makeup, and your dress are flawless, and that flower bouquet carefully chosen is simply beautiful. Your guests’ eyes will follow you as you make your way to the altar, you’ll want to make certain that everything, from your dress to the passageway décor, represents you and your partner’s personalities and creates an appealing backdrop.

Arrive With Elegance

Hearing the pounding of hooves? The expressions of delighted shock on the guests’ faces as you arrive in a splendid horse-drawn carriage are exactly what you are looking for. It’s really a marvelous entrance when you get a 2,000-pound horse and the carriage carrying you to the ceremony. Most people will stand up out of their chairs or just sit there in awe. There are several companies that provide such classic conveyance for weddings, special events, or a romantic night out with your special someone.

Looking for something more classy? A limousine service will send you to the altar on time and in style. Most companies will have limousines stocked with essentials: chilled beverages, bottled water, and practically anything you might need to relax on the way to the ceremony. Make sure the company has experienced chauffeurs that know all possible routes to avoid any delay.


Wedding Arbors, Altars & Aisles

From floral arches to rustic wooden canopies, there are a lot of options to make a gorgeous setting and backdrop for your vows.
Since your vows, among other moments, will be one of the most captured moments of your whole wedding, it’s essential to put some deep thought and ideas into your ceremony altar and aisle. The colors and items you choose to line them with, will set the scene for this momentous occasion and they will provide a backdrop for the view in front of your guests.

Whether you’re tying the knot in a beautiful beach or in a gorgeous green field, finding the best type of structure that appropriately fits the space and creates the vibes for your wedding aesthetic can be an intense task.

For instance, if your are a romantic girl you’ll love a delightful floral arch as your ceremony backdrop in the garden. If you are looking more for a bohemian vibe, colorful altars embellished with fanciful streamers give off an eclectic, artsy feeling. In case you’re tossing a more rustic celebration, then saying “I do” in front of a wooden creation or fireplace would be your theme. From the conventional to the unforeseen, there are endless ways to brighten the aisle and the altar.

Tweet Your Way Down the Altar

There will be few important questions you have to respond in regards of your most important day, your wedding. Will you choose roses or peonies? Will you wear a fit-and-flare or a ball gown? Do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband? But what’s more important above all, how many “likes” did the photo of your wedding entrance get? Luckily, you don’t need to stress over that last question any longer. Described as the latest novelty for the conventional and traditional wedding, you can have your own social media concierge that will accompany you on all the events before, during and after the wedding.

The service includes the set up and maintenance of your wedding blog, create some inspirational Pinterest boards for you, and when you’re caught up trying on dresses and picking between strawberry cream cake or black forest gateau, they’ll post photos on Instagram and create tweets about it. What could be better than after you look into your new husband’s eyes saying “I do”, to have this moment captured on a video and post it with the proper hashtag?

To be honest, nowadays everything we do is posted on social media. For some people, the chance to give over the control and not to stress over statuses and hashtags on their wedding day may simply be an appreciated opportunity.

Don’t Overlook the Details

From an emergency kit to gifts for the flower girl, here are some useful reminders of some details you don’t want to miss:

Flower Girl Accessories – Now that you have her dress sorted out, keep in mind to add some charming accessories to complete off her look. A marvelous blossom crown, a lovely bracelet or some pretty little shoes can serve as well as a thank-you gift to her for assuming such a special role in the ceremony.

Basics for Under Your Dress – Your dress might be ready, however you’re not quite done. Accessories are an easy decision, yet you’ll need to arrange ahead of time what to wear underneath your outfit (there’s nothing worse than racing around last minute to find the right bra).

An Emergency Kit – A make up stain, a drop of red wine, stuck zippers, these “accidents” happen. Insignificant and trivial as they generally seem to be, these small bummers can prompt frenzy on the day of your wedding in case you’re not equipped for any emergency.
An emergency kit can come handy throughout the wedding just in case needed and your maid of honor or mom can carry it. Keep a stain remover, some needles and thread that matches the color of your dress, perfume and some other small things you may require on a minute’s notice during the celebration.