You wouldn’t be surprised finding succulents at weddings: These plants have been popular floral decor for a long time, matching a variety of themes and styles. Whether succulents are used as boutonnieres, wedding favors, centerpieces, or bouquets; they always stand out in the best way possible.

Succulent cakes, also known as terrarium cakes, are on the rise! These floral desserts are taking over social media! We’re not talking about real plants, we’re talking about delicious, mouthwatering succulents made of frosting!

When visualizing the image of a beautiful, stunning cake for your wedding, traditional icing flowers like roses, or hydrangeas might ring a bell. Nonetheless, succulents and cacti offer an original, desert-themed twist on a floral confectionery.

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Recently, bakers and pastry chefs have started piping small succulents and cacti on their cakes. Realistic succulents and terrariums have been popping up on wedding cakes in every place, and the results are simply stunning! Featuring a perfect palette of styles and colors that would be right at home in the desert (or, in this case, the dessert), these plants are too lovely to eat.

Whether you’re considering succulents to appear all over your wedding decor or only on your cake, they can be a wonderful detail to your wedding reception. They are versatile and adaptable to style and look you want, whether you want them covering your entire cake, simply topping the cake, or throughout the layers, they are the perfect decoration to match any wedding color theme.  

These cakes can open up a radical new universe of imagination and creativity,  particularly when it comes to the color palette. The gloomy, desert pastel greens, light blues, and dusty pinks are  genuinely staggering. The succulent and terrarium cakes are genuine masterpieces. Blend in some dusty rose, pastel lavender, and tiny pops of yellow, and you have yourself a color palette that could inspire your whole wedding style and theme.  

The succulents are made using  butter, powdered sugar, food coloring, and sometimes additional flavoring as well. This combination gives them that velvet-smooth texture. Few bakers even accompany their icing succulents with sand (cookie crumbs) to complete off the desert theme, and it is seriously jaw-dropping! An alternative to a large wedding cake, are cupcakes (they have the perfect dessert portion). Succulent designs can be downsized to any size making them a great topper for cupcakes.  

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If you have your heart set on succulents and terrariums, make sure your baker knows how to do them first. Some variations are trickier than others, and expect your guests to do a double (or triple) take at how real they look.

If you want to know which bakers in San Antonio can make these cakes, contact us and we’ll be more than happy to point you in the right direction.