Wedding guests

It’s your special day, but you want it to be memorable for your guests, too.  Below are links to a few ways other bridal couples have made an impression on their guests, followed by some ideas that might be more practical for you.








If your wedding party is less coordinated or if the idea of adding choreography to your wedding planning feels too stressful, consider a simpler option. Take a ballroom dancing class with your groom or your dad and show off your new steps during the reception. It might not be as memorable for your guests, but the lessons themselves will give you a host of memories to enjoy.



Doggy ring bearer


Molly wears a natural tuxedo, is finely groomed and incredibly well trained. The same cannot be said of all ring bearers. If you want your furry family members to be included in the ceremony, delivering the rings is a fun option… especially for an outdoor wedding.


If your pooch wants to party but doesn’t quite have the etiquette to walk down the aisle unaccompanied, have someone walk the dog down the aisle on a leash.





If your love is a like a firework, why not share that with the world. Ruth and Nathan were fortunate enough to have a videographer who made the most of their firework display by capturing the couple’s silhouette along with a full moon.

Not many venues have the space for a fireworks display, and not many cities allow such explosive celebrations within city limits. As a simpler, less expensive and more burn ban friendly option is to give guests sparklers to hold as you leave the reception.

Professional entertainment




From bridal carriage rides to actors and actresses attending the reception to interact with your guests, everything Disney does is top notch. The happiest place on earth is memorable enough on its own, but it’s even more so when you get married there.

If a destination wedding with actors and actresses is out of your price range, think about more practical options for entertaining your guests at the reception. One option that’s been trending recently is a photo booth. Photo booths can be rented and placed at almost any location. Guests take home a visual memory of their celebration with you and you get an assortment of fun pictures of your guests being themselves on your special day.




So during that lull between the ceremony and the dance party at the reception, when you’re posing for every family picture combination imaginable, your guests can be posing as well.