Ever been at a gathering and wanted a picture of you and all of your friends, but couldn’t fit everyone in a selfie? Ever wish the “party favors” you received at a wedding reception were more personal? Want your party guests to let loose a bit and not take themselves so seriously? Want photo proof that it happened?

At Cutting Edge Entertainment, we want your celebration to be a success, to be memorable and to be fun. We also want to make planning your gathering as easy as possible. That’s why we’ve added a photo booth to our repertoire. Now you can get a DJ and a photo booth in one place, and by combining services you can save on the cost of both.

If, when you think of a photo booth, you remember a cramped space with a drawn curtain followed by a strip of four black and white pictures, you haven’t seen the latest technology in photo booths.

What’s Included?

Our photo booth includes a Canon EOS Rebel camera, a DNP digital photo printer, a touch screen computer and customizable templates to go along with a stand alone, open unit. That’s right. It’s open! Everybody can see the silly faces and amusing poses. Add to that the fact that the booth rental includes a backdrop curtain and party props. Just to make sure everything runs smoothly and the party props don’t become party favors, there is also an attendant who is trained to maximize the capabilities of the photo booth and encourage your guests to experience the fun themselves.

What To Do

Here’s how it all goes down:

  • You reserve the photo booth for your celebration or event.
  • On the day of your event, the attendant arrives in a company van to set up the photo booth.
  • You choose whether or not you want the photos to be printed on a customizable template. (Template could be a generic background or a design like a pair of rings, a corporate logo or the date and name of the event.)
  • You decide whether you want the photos to be printed out in strips or postcards.
  • You and your guests pose, use props and have a grand time having your pictures taken in front of the backdrop.
  • The photos print out for your guests as a keepsake of the event.
  • Pictures are also placed into a folder on the computer, so you receive a copy of all the pictures on a CD after the event.
  • If there is Wi-Fi access at the event, the pictures can be posted to social media immediately.
  • The attendant collects the party props and packs up the photo booth.

Where To Have It

Photo booths are perfect for any event at which you’d want pictures taken. Rent a photo booth for your:

  • Wedding
  • Prom
  • Corporate event
  • Halloween
  • Christmas
  • St. Patrick’s Day
  • Birthday party
  • Quinceañera
  • Anniversary party
  • Graduation celebration
  • Bar Mitzvah
  • Fraternity/Sorority dance
  • Family reunion

Cutting Edge Entertainment delivers a professionally trained wedding DJ with class. Your Disk-Jockey handles all of your ceremonies, announcements, marches, and audience participation with style.

Digital imaging and touch screen technology make it easier than ever to make and keep memories at all your events. Call today at 210-495-3900 to reserve a photo booth for your next gathering, party or celebration!