It is that time of year again; time to make your New Year’s Resolutions. Lots of people make resolutions for the New Year, but very few make it past January despite their good intentions to improve their lives. While every adult knows they need to exercise or improve their bad habits it just is not pleasant to make these changes even though we know we should.

So maybe this year you should consider a resolution that is actually pleasant and fairly easy to do. Make a resolution to have more fun this year!

Not only is having fun easy to do but it actually has health benefits as well! Studies have shown that those who make fun a part of their daily lives have boosted energy levels, improved memory, sounder sleep, reduced stress hormones and more.

There are so many ways to have fun from small things you can incorporate into your daily life such as sharing a joke or being silly with your kids to bigger things such as making time to be with friends or family doing things you love.

A great activity that can increase your fun is to do karaoke with your friends. The professional djs on our staff see it every time Cutting Edge Entertainment hosts a party or event. When the participants let go and do not worry about being silly everyone ends up coming out of their shell and taking a turn on the mic. There is something about belting out your favorite tune with your friends that brings a smile to everyone’s face not only now, but in the future as the events of the evening get remembered.

Of course if you just cannot overcome your shyness to take the microphone and let go just dancing can be just as beneficial!

When you are ready to have more fun and make 2017 the year you smile more and feel your best give Cutting Edge Entertainment a call. Book your karaoke party with our professional Djs in San Antonio and we can help everyone keep their New Year’s Resolution!

If hiring a karaoke dj is more than you can afford, then contact your favorite bar or restaurant and encourage them to start a karaoke night. At Cutting Edge Entertainment we can work with local establishments to help create a regular karaoke night with our professional djs and high end equipment that will encourage everyone to stay longer and have a great time.

Whether you make having fun a resolution for the New Year or go with something else, at Cutting Edge Entertainment we hope 2017 is the best year yet for everyone and it is full of smiles and good times!