Every year many couples marry without a big ceremony. For some it is a very small occasion with only immediate family at a local church and for others it may be a quick ceremony at a public office. More often than not this is a decision based on money, especially for those young couples starting out. Usually the small simple ceremony is accompanied by the promise that one day the couple will renew their vows at a larger ceremony.

With too many things in life we tend to put off until tomorrow something with good intentions, but often life has a way of keeping us from every fulfilling those intentions. Life is too short, so why not let 2017 be the year you have that dream wedding if you opted for that smaller ceremony the first time around?

When can you renew your vows?
Couples can renew their vows at any time, it does not have to be a special anniversary like the 10th or 25th. It is when you choose so there is no reason to have to wait there is no better time to celebrate your love for each other and share that moment with your friends and family.

Where can we renew our vows?
The great thing is renewing your vows is like getting married in the first place, you can choose any location you want. Some couples choose a location such as a park that has special meaning for them while others choose a church they attend. The choice is yours; just make sure the venue is large enough to hold all the guests you plan on inviting.

What is a renewal ceremony like?
A renewal ceremony is much like a typical wedding ceremony, and many couples choose to recite their original vows to each other. Other couples use it as an opportunity to say how they feel and express just how important this marriage is in their daily lives. But ultimately it is up to you on what you would like to say to your significant other on this special day.

Should we have a reception?
Absolutely! A “big wedding” is not complete without a celebration afterward. This is another thing that is totally up to the couple. Some choose to have a simple outdoor BBQ with their friends and family afterwards while others choose the more traditional style of a catered event. This is a great time to hire a wedding dj and enjoy some good food and good times with those who are close to you as you renew your vows and enjoy that big wedding you did not have the first time around. Also, a professional DJ can announce and execute all of the traditional activities during your reception, including providing you with a formal first dance where you are announced as the new Mr. & Mrs. When these events are handled professionally, they help create lasting memories that you will forever cherish

If you are planning to renew your vows contact Cutting Edge Entertainment today our Texas wedding djs have experience in all kinds of ceremonies and can help you fulfill your dream of having a big wedding even though it is not your first time to exchange your vows.