Any bride and groom will tell you that, after all the months of planning and the back and forth of decision-making about their wedding, the wedding day itself goes by like a blur. It’s tough to take it all in, making it tough to remember all of the important details of these once in a lifetime moments. That’s why so many bridal couples make capturing the memories of the day a priority. Some of the following means are traditional and come to mind naturally. Others might surprise you.

Photos: the traditional and the non-traditional

Bridal portraits and wedding photographers are as much tradition in American weddings as rings and bouquets. A great photographer captures beautiful poses and the occasional priceless candid shot of the day, providing strolls down memory lane and family genealogy records for decades to come.

But try as they may, photographers miss some epic moments at the reception. They just can’t be everywhere at once. While they’re taking a picture of the ring bearer eating wedding cake, they miss grandma and grandpa cutting a rug on the dance floor or vice versa. This says nothing of the antics of the non-related guests.

Photo booths are a great way to make sure everyone in attendance has a chance to have their picture taken in whatever pose they would like, and they give couples a set of memories that beautifully contrasts the formality of the occasion with the goofy personalities you call family and friends.

Video: memories that move

Videography is a less common way to capture memories at weddings, but it is arguably the best way to capture nuances that pass too quickly for a still shot to snap. In addition to the rustle of the bridal gown, video captures the sniffles of proud parents and the snort of uncontrolled laughter from a giddy bridesmaid. Videos are the big picture of the event. Instead of select moments, video has the potential to capture the entire overview.

Shadow box

Those who value nostalgia (sometimes known as pack rats) have opportunities, too. Mount a bridal bouquet or gown in a shadow box. Frame the invitation. Keep a favor. You spent so much time fretting about it before the day you might as well save the memento. When the two-dimensional digital format just isn’t enough, scrapbookers and shadow boxers unite!


Often when bride- and grooms-to-be select music for their reception, they do so thinking of that day only, of those moments alone. However, studies show that music has the potential to access parts of the brain that other memorabilia cannot in the later years.  The song you choose for you first dance will be “your song” for the rest of your lives. The song you choose for a father/daughter dance will remind you of that parent every time you hear that song, even after they pass. Music is its own memory box. Should there come a time when dementia renders you unable to recognize your bride of 50 years, music will take you back to a special time and place. Physiologically, it accesses a different part of the brain. Romantically, it finds memories stored in the heart.

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