While there are plenty of 2017 wedding trend articles out there about gowns, color schemes, food and more; since we are wedding djs we wanted to focus on the musical trends for this year. Weddings are changing and getting farther away from that traditional event most people are accustomed to and are becoming a way for the couple to express their personality. Nowhere is this more apparent than the music, and this is especially true of the reception.

Collaborations with DJs and Bands

Many couples are now hiring not only a local band for their wedding but a wedding dj as well. This gives the couple the live band sound combined with the vast playlist a dj can provide. Typically the arrangement is the dj fills the break time between sets for the live band. Of course this arrangement is NOT ideal in smaller venues since both acts would need a place to setup. Another way many couple are working out the collaboration is to have the live band kick off the festivities and then have the wedding dj take them on into the night.

Traditional Dances Now Becoming Optional Or Modernized

Not so long ago the idea of one of the traditional dances not taking place was disheartening for most wedding guests. Today many couples are choosing to opt out of the traditional dances such as the father daughter. For some couples this is just a further continuation of making the wedding show your personality while for others it could be due to a absentee parent resulting from our more non-typical family structures today.
Other couples are keeping these traditional dances but instead giving them a more modern and fun twist. Instead of the slow dance with mom maybe now a groom will put on a more upbeat and lively song and get mom to take down the house with her fun moves.

Specialty Performing Acts

Couples are finding that including a specialty performing act to their reception increases the entertainment value of the reception while also encouraging more dancing. Dance troops or dance bands as they are sometimes called, can really set your wedding apart from anyone else’s. Not only do they entertain the crowd, but their energy fills the room and helps the reception take a fun tone.

Bride and Groom Entrances

This trend is actually not a new one, more and more couples are taking the entrance to the reception and truly making it show off their personality. Couples are taking the go big or go home mantra and applying it to their entrance. Everything is fair game from flash mobs, to break dancing, or even balloon drops. The sky is the limit here and this is your chance to truly show the fun loving side of you that probably brought you together in the first place. At Cutting Edge Entertainment trends like this make us smile the most since we love to be more than just your wedding dj, but instead want to help the couple make their special day something to remember.