Many couples dream of a destination wedding abroad, but the cost more often than not keeps this dream from coming true.  Not only is it expensive to get married abroad a vast majority of the time those you love will not be able to attend. Between the time it take to get off work and the cost of the travel it is hard on family and friends to be there for the couple.

Texas It’s Like A Whole Other Country

For those who dream of a story book destination wedding than maybe Texas should be a location to consider. As Texas Travel has advertised for so long, Texas it’s like a whole other country! What this means to the bride and groom considering this great state as their destination wedding translates to a large variety of settings and environments to exchange your vows. All in a easy to travel to location that requires no passport and weather that cooperates most all year long.

Pick Your Style

The diverse cities and landscapes in Texas means there is literally something for everyone! For those looking for an indoor wedding the venues range from Camp Lucy with its restored French Colonial wedding chapel to the ultra modern and chic Blanton Museum of Art. From rustic to art deco there is truly in indoor venue that will be the ideal pick for your style. Of course outdoor wedding is where Texas really shines! There are even more of these to choose from than you can possibly imagine.

Location, Location, Location

For those looking into outdoor locations you can have just about anything you desire! For couples wanting the classic western type wedding, there is no better choice than Texas. With plenty of rustic barns and western themed locations including the classic Camp Comfort Texas is an expert in this category. For those wanting a beach wedding Texas can take care of that too. The Gulf Coast has many locations along the beach where you can exchange your vows with the sand between your toes. Texas hill country is another popular location with all of its lakes and vineyards the choices here are just too numerous to mention.

Consider San Antonio

Of course at Cutting Edge Entertainment while we love Texas as a whole we are partial to San Antonio! After all we pride ourselves on being one of the top San Antonio wedding djs, so it would not be right to talk about Texas as a wedding destination to not mention our home city. San Antonio is centrally located making it easy to fly in or drive from neighboring states. It also has all the offerings of a big city such as large elegant venues as well as the rustic locations just outside of town.  The rich colonial heritage is strong here and makes a excellent backdrop to a wedding without the inconvenience of traveling abroad.