your wedding day approaching, you are undoubtedly up to your eyes in
all the to-do lists, seating arrangements, favor making, and all the
other countless items which need to be completed prior to walking
down the aisle and living happily ever after. While you may be
anxiously counting down to your reception, where you will finally
have a time to relax, perhaps one of the most often overlooked
aspects of your reception hall is uplighting.

what is uplighting? Uplighting is a fantastic way to turn your dull
and dreary reception venue into a sparkling, light-filled, unique
area. Uplighting is performed by placing a series of lights around
your reception venue, or even outside of your building, in order to
project a series of different colored lights, as well as just soft
white lights, in order to enhance the ambiance of your area. By
placing the lights in different areas and displaying various light
colors in different sequences, you can turn your often-dark reception
room into a nightclub with flashing lights and bright colors. This
is just one example of the many ways to easily transform your venue
through the use of uplighting.

the event you are seriously considering implementing uplighting for
your wedding reception, you may be curious as to just how all this is
possible. Uplighting is most usually an add-on service from your
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and they will be able to change the coloring to match the mood of
your reception. For example, during the slow songs in the beginning
of your wedding and during dinner, soft mood lighting would be
romantic and calming. However, once the energy starts flowing and
your guests begin to hit the dance floor, the lighting can change to
pulsing beats which fill the room with bursts of bright color.

is most often done by using LED par cans – special LED lights which
can change color and strength at just a few touch of buttons. Digital
controllers are also used alongside with the LED par cans to allow
for ease in changing colors and themes at a moments notice.

so much emphasis placed on the lighting of your venue, how can you
know whether you are hiring the best lighting professional? Your
wedding is a day you will never forget, and having a reception which
is absolutely everything you have ever dreamed of goes hand in hand
with creating those memories. Once you begin to seek out uplighting
professionals, you will want to make sure you find someone you trust
and know will do a great job. Just like with hiring your San Antonio
DJ, the hiring of an uplighting professional should be given as much
thought as possible. In the event you do not feel your
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would be adequate at creating the mood you are looking for through
the use of special lighting, you are well within your rights to
continue to search for a professional to handle the lighting.