When planning a
special event in
San Antonio, DJ’s
with portable music libraries and customized stage lighting can
transform an average party into an unforgettable event. For dances,
weddings, graduation parties, and even
karoke, San Antonio, TX, supports several
talented, professional and experienced disk jockeys. When you hire a
disc jockey to provide entertainment, you are free to focus on the
other event planning details, and make sure your party is both
memorable, and entertaining.

When selecting a
San Antonio DJ
interview your entertainer in the same way that you would interview
an employee for a job position. DJ’s come with various amounts of
experience. Some arrive at your event expecting to provide little
more than background and dancing music. Other DJ’s bring personality
and a personal connection to the event. They provide intangible the
element like interacting with the crowd, which can turn an average
event into a spectacular evening. Here are some of the questions to
ask when looking for a DJ for your next event.

Stage Lighting:

Does the DJ
supply, or have available any theater or stage lighting? Adding
theater lighting to an event is a way to add excitement and color to
the dance floor. A basic mirror ball in the center of the dance floor
is a start. Some DJ services also have stage lighting that creates a
contemporary music concert atmosphere. Even laser lights are no
longer limited to the concert hall and rock concert. Dancing streams
of computer-controlled lasers are both small and simple to set up.
When your guests are treated to these dancing light shows, the energy
is contagious. A small fog machine is another element that could add
a unique atmosphere to the dance floor.

Custom Song

Make sure your
San Antonio DJ has
a way to collect requests from guests during the evening. Once the
crowd gets into the mood to dance, nothing keeps them engaged like
requesting their favorite tunes. In the same way, nothing will put a
shower of cold water on a party faster than a DJ who has a limited
audio library, or who insists on playing the songs he believes are
the crowd favorites, regardless of their requests.

Song Lists

When planning the
event with your DJ, ask if he has pre-sorted song lists, and what
categories of music he has available. A professional DJ will be able
to build custom song lists based on your guest’s tastes. If you are
hosting an ethnic event, pick a DJ that can provide music with the
ethnic flair that matches your guests, and the event’s theme.

When planning an
event like a wedding reception, take time to plan the music for
important elements of the evening. What song will play during the
father-daughter dance? Is there a song that carries special meaning
for the bride and groom? By asking these questions ahead of time, and
planning the evening with DJ, you can ensure that you will create a
lasting memory for all your guests.