A wedding DJ checklist should include all the things you need to discuss with any potential DJ before you decide to book them for your event. Having the checklist in hand will ensure you don’t overlook something essential. Be sure to include the following items in your discussions with potential DJs.

Get a Copy of the Signed Contract

If you book a San Antonio DJ who doesn’t ask you to sign a contract, you run the risk of that DJ double-booking your event time, running off with your deposit, or showing up in the wrong location on the wrong day. A professional DJ company should give you a contract with all the pertinent details in writing to avoid any confusion.


The itinerary, also called a custom event plan, is basically a schedule of everything that will happen the day of your wedding and what the DJ’s responsibilities are at any given time. For instance, if you want the DJ to introduce your wedding party, discuss when that will happen, how the names are pronounced, and what song(s) will play in the background. The itinerary will also include specific music you’ve chosen for the couple’s first dance, father/daughter dance, mother/son dance, as well as the genres you do and don’t want to hear during the reception. Because you want the DJ wearing the appropriate attire for the event, share your expectations up front. Do you want the DJ in a tux or in boots and a Stetson?

Set-up and Tear Down Times

Your DJ needs to arrive at the venue ahead of time in order to set up the equipment for your event. Together, you should discuss how much time is necessary for that process as well as who will meet the DJ at the venue to ensure that it’s open with enough time for the DJ to set up before your guests arrive. The same is true at the end of the event. Just because you’ve ridden away in a horse-drawn carriage to happily ever after, the venue needs to be available long enough for the DJ to pack up the equipment.

Specific Policies

Certain entertainment companies have certain policies about what the DJs can and cannot do during a wedding reception. For instance, at Cutting Edge, we allow our DJs to partake in a meal ONLY if they are invited to do so and after everyone else has been served. This is also allowed only if they are able to continue to provide service while they eat. You should also discuss whether or not the DJ is allowed to consume alcohol during the event. (This is NEVER acceptable with our staff.) Additionally, the DJ may have set policies about who has access to the microphone and when in order to protect the equipment and maintain the professionalism of your event.

Contingency Plans

It’s important to talk about the “what ifs” of your wedding plan, too. For example, what if your outdoor wedding gets rained out? On the flip side, ask your potential DJ what happens if they have a family emergency or wake up with laryngitis the day of the event. Both parties should have contingency plans in place long before the day of the event, just in case.